Mixologie Perfume Rollerball

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Ten Scents.  Endless combinations.

Roll-on perfumes that you can layer and mix to create custom blends.  You can't go wrong.  Every fragrance combination smells fabulous.  When you give Mixologie as a gift, you can't go wrong either.  It's fail-proof gifting

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Mixologie is changing the way perfume is done! Say goodbye to a single overpriced bottle of celebrity-endorsed, alcohol-laden perfume that you wouldn't dare throw in your purse. Say hello to a line of roll-on perfumes that can be mixed together to create custom blends, or worn alone. All of Mixologie's fragrances are soft, subtle, and long-lasting. They smell great worn alone - or you can mix them in any combination. All 10 Mixologie scents smell fabulous blended together. The mixing is easy - you do it right on your skin using the rollerball applicators. Mixologie perfumes aren't like your typical perfumes - instead of being overpowering and short-lived, they are soft, subtle and long-lasting. That's because they're alcohol free. They're also free of all of those other nasty chemicals found in a lot of other products. Mixologie is paraben-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free. Travel-friendly and beautifully pack

Staff favorite! 

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